Friday, 10 February 2017

End of half term!

I can't quite believe how fast this half term has gone. 4A have had a very busy and productive half term and have all worked very hard.

We finished our Topic on 'changing environments' with a lovely walk around Harpenden looking at how it has changed over the years. Next term our Topic will be WW2.

We have also finished our Science topic 'Sound' The children have been very engaged throughout and enjoyed using data loggers to create a school sound map. They have also made screaming balloons to test pitch using a balloon and a hex nut. After half term we will be looking at 'changing states'.

In Computing, we have created our own weather jingle on the iPads.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term break!
Miss Abbott 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Incredible Sports

The children have been enjoying our 'Incredible Sports' topic. We have been learning about all sorts of new and amazing sports including; toe wrestling, cheese rolling, bog snorkelling and disc golf. The children had a chance to have a go at playing disc golf and it was harder than it looked...

In Literacy this week, we also held a debate about whether or not cheese rolling was a sport. Both sides put forward fantastic arguments and they all worked really well together. 

In Geography, the children looked at what Harpenden used to look like and compared it to what it looks like today. We created questionnaires about our local area and for homework the children have been asked to ask someone to complete it. 

Have a great weekend!
Miss Abbott