Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Last week in maths we were practising the expanded and compact method of column addition and subtraction. The children demonstrated a great understanding with some moving on the 5 digit numbers. 

In science we looked at the results from our tooth decay investigation. Some of the results proved to be more drastic than the children had expected. 

As you can tell the orange juice proved to be the most damaging!

The children began a new poetry topic in English and have already written some fantastic forest poems. These have formed a lovely class poetry book which is kept in 4A for the children to read. We will be continuing with this topic until the end of half term.

We have started our new topic in RE 'Called' this week. As part of 'World Week' we have been studying the Laudato Si, the Pope's encyclical. We created some beautiful posters discussing why it is important to look after our Earth. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

We have had another exciting week in Year 4! 

On Tuesday we started TRING dance and the children really enjoyed learning the 'step-ball-change' dance move. TRING dance will continue for another 3 weeks replacing our indoor PE session. 

In literacy we have come to the end of our topic 'Friend or Foe'. The children produced some fantastic stories about an evacuee child. Next week we will start our new unit on poetry.  

In science we have been investigating which drinks have a bad effect on our teeth. We conducted an experiment using a variety of drinks and used eggshells to act as our teeth. Next week we will see the results of this experiment and see whether the children's predictions were accurate.

Maths this week we have been looking at measuring time and length! The children thoroughly enjoyed measuring eachother and objects from around the classroom and seeing how close their estimations were. Next week we will be moving onto addition of 3 digit numbers using the expanded and column method.  

Reading records will now be marked on a Tuesday so please ensure children have these with them to be checked. 

Have a great weekend!